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Unleash Your Inner Toon with ToonR!

Choose a scene, add some characters, and press record to start animating.

Use your fingers to make your characters walk, run, dance, jump, swim, fly, grow, shrink—everything you do on the touchscreen is automatically recorded in real-time.

Rewind and re-record a section or add new characters and animations anytime.

Use the emoji buttons to change your character expressions to show when they're happy, sad, angry, or just plain meh.

Use your voice with the built-in microphone to make your characters talk, yell, sing, or even make your own sound effects.

Mix-and-match characters, props, and scenes from a growing collection of ToonR Discs from artists around the world.

And when you're ready, save your Toon as a standard video file and share with your friends anywhere!