ToonR™ Privacy Policy

Personal Information

ToonR does not not collect, store or share any personal information or location data, except as specified below.


ToonR uses standard analytics tools to receive anonymous crash reports, in order to facilitate bug fixes and improve the product.

Voice Recording

ToonR optionally allows your voice to be recorded via the device microphone. ToonR records audio only when the microphone button is pressed. ToonR recordings are saved locally on the device. ToonR does not publish recordings to the Internet.

Device Storage

ToonR optionally allows videos to be exported to device storage where they can then be accessed by other applications on the device. ToonR requires write-only access to the videos folder on the local device in order to use this feature. Note that some older devices do not support write-only access and will include read access to device storage. Even in this case, however, ToonR does not read from device storage.

Advertising and 3rd Parties

ToonR does not display advertising and does not share personally identifiable information with 3rd parties.

In-App Purchases

ToonR is free to download and play and is fully functional with free art assets (characters, props, and backgrounds). Addtional art assets may optionally be purchased through the ToonR in-app store.


ToonR does not collect or share any personal information. However, children may optionally export videos containing recordings of their voices. Children should be instructed not to share any personal information in these recordings if they intend to share these exported videos online.


This privacy policy applies to all versions of ToonR™ offered by Hot Chai Productions, LLC. If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact us through our website.